Soft Toy Room for Kids

This is a colourful, lively, air conditioned room which provides favourable atmosphere where students open up in putting forth their best creative mind. There are different varieties of toys which are both educational and recreational. Like soft toys, balls, blocks of numbers, alphabet tree, buttoning, zipping, lace up, frames, building blocks, aiming games, snap set pool, trampoline, balancing for concentration, ladder, numeric and alphabet mats etc. to enhance the  skills of students.

Activity room is well equipped  where students watch cartoon movies, moral stories, educational videos which includes phonotics, action songs, word power, etc. to make the learning interactive and fun loving. Comprehension and Vocabulary is improved during circle time.

Students will practice on mic to ameliorate public speaking. It allows students to share experiences and develop communications and collaborative skills. Activity room is a great motivational platform for enhancing positive behaviour in the children.