School Rules

Discipline is the key ingredient to success.

Our Expectations

We have developed in the school the Code of Conduct, which describes what we expect from our students. These are the guidelines for the smooth running of our establishment.

  • Students will work to the best of their ability at all times.
  • Students will come to school each day properly dressed and with the properly set bags as per their time-table.
  • All students will arrive in class on time and no student will leave school or a class without the permission of the teacher.
  • Respect will be shown to senior students, staff and visitors; swearing is unacceptable at any time.
  • Students will not cause damage of any sort to the school equipment, building or grounds.
  • Movement around the school will be quiet and orderly
  • Students need not to tolerate violence or bullying but must speak to the class teacher in case of such happening.
  • Mobile phones, personal valuables including precious wristwatches except for simple wristwatches from class IX onwards
    will not be brought to school
  • All teaching areas will be food and drink free zones – litter will be placed in the bins provided
  • Students will attend all classes and hence leave the school with gate pass or written permission and ensure all missed work to be done at their own.

All the students are issued with this list and larger versions appear in every room in the school so that there should be no question over the ways in which students should conduct themselves in school. We hope that students will not hesitate to make us aware of any difficulties they may encounter.

Our responsibility is to make this code of conduct work smoothly and we trust that you will also support us in this.