A Wonderland For Learners

Needs of the prepubescents vary significantly from the successive age groups on the physical, mental and emotional grounds. Keeping this in view, we have designed a curriculum based on three principles of education, exhilaration and entertainment (3 E’s) catering to the mental – education, physical – exhilaration and emotional – entertainment needs. This philosophy has lead to setting up of NIMBUS, a child-centred initiative hereby ensuring a holistic and balanced development of a child. NIMBUS is well furnished with educational aids of all sorts such as library, toys, equipments, nature room, engineering labs, art rooms, play stations and storytelling rooms, fostering an orderly and balanced regime.

In this age of innovation and digitization learning is incomplete without audio-visual aids. Keeping this in mind we have integrated the curriculum with computer-aided learning, so that they may walk hand in hand/at pace with the world. In nutshell, it’s the miniature ecosystem sustaining the overall growth and development of child.

For Tiny Tots

Apart from studies we impart value education to our children to imbibe moral values, teacher talk to inspire for personal awareness and development of inner abilities. We try to increase the confidence and sportsman spirit by organising different indoor and outdoor games. Students are encouraged to communicate in English regularly in class & intimate class activities. In our OBLE to Traffic Park, they are made aware of various road signs and the importance of following traffic rules in our day to day life. They exhibit various skills through class participation and like Mother’s day, Colour days, Van Mahotsav & festivals celebrations. Rain dance is well enjoyed by each & everyone in the newly build amusement park of the school. Outbound learning experiences have been regularly enhancing the confidence level and communication skills of the tiny tots.

For Primary Classes

Myriad activities including: Open talent show, classroom activities, Quizzes, Assembly Talk, and Inter School competitions etc. are regularly organised to make them explore their skills.
Social Awareness Workshops: like Good / Bad touch by the teachers to let them understand the evil the prevailing sociology to make them alert to take care of oneself. These topics are taken with utmost sensitivity.
Physical Wellness: Sports hour various sports competition, extra coaching for badminton and skating. Daily Assembly exercises, Yoga and March Past have been made the regular routine.
Environmental Wellness: Children are encouraged to observe minute details during visit to nursery & OBLE. They participate in plantation and take interest in school pets i.e. ducks, pigeons, rabbit etc
Health Hygiene: Regular guidance is given to students about the ways to take care of their eyes, hair and general health through poems & stories etc. during assemblies
Moral Values & Etiquettes: Through value education period, moral stories in Assembly and live examples from the regular
schedules, students are provided with value-based education.

Personal Attention

1. Individual participation special encouragement for those students who are introvert & try to escape from the stage.
2. Introduction of new Hindi / English Poem/Slokas every month.
3. Adhyat by teachers & value education in the assigned period including success stories of inspirational personalities.
4. Month-wise subjective information during assembly and displayed in the school campus
5. Awareness of important & special days & class presentation on various related themes, like Van Mahotsav, Saving Food, Healthy Food, Importance of Education etc.
6. To encourage the students for English speaking, 3 students from each section are given badges every month during assembly
7. Various responsibilities like discipline, stage, uniform sports etc. are assigned to deserving students.
8. Campaigns: Road safety and forgotten family moments were organized to make the students and other citizens aware of traffic rules and respect for elders.
9. Our main motive is to cultivate students who will have a capacity for life-long learning to success and satisfaction as good citizens. Here we keep on providing a bundle of opportunities to all the students to make them brighten their skills.