The faculty at Bright Scholar are individuals who are brimming with ideas and are raring to go, people who are approachable, experienced, energetic and capable of cracking any problem positively. Our work culture encourages entrepreneurial spirit, all-round development and gives space to come together and have fun as a team, or work or outside. Staff members are committed to make the world a better place through education, innovation and action. We at school work with educators, thoughtful leaders and institutions to help and to improve the quality of education through innovative and practical solutions. The faculty is regularly trained to update their knowledge and skills which is need of the hour. Various workshops and training sessions are conducted in the campus and teachers are also sent out of campus to get the exposure and sharpen their skills for attending various workshops, conclaves and conferences. Though it is a leader vision which transforms reforms or deforms an organization but any success story is scripted through teamwork only. Here we are strengthening the whole team with varied exposure and experience becoming more creative and innovative day after day and taking responsibilities of the success or folklore together. Our thought and inspiration to compete with our previous performance are the regular morale booster for one and all Staff welfare, relaxed rules freedom to experiment and support to one and all have been the finer principles of school to overcome all challenges. Promoting perseverance, respect, integrity, dependability and encouragement (PRIDE) among the staff members has helped Bright Scholar to strengthen and touch new pinnacles Hence the school has highly motivated, well-trained faculty whose professional skills are constantly enhanced. They are trained to use modern technology to bring the best teaching-learning situations in the school.